About Us

The best windows, doors and security screens in Coffs Harbour

With the professional edge, experience, great range and exceptional service, it’s no mystery why we’re Coffs Harbour’s destination for windows, doors and security screens.

Quality products

We manufacture and stock high quality products across our range. We manufacture Bradnams quality windows and doors in aluminium, to ensure they stand up to weather conditions, daily use and your specific requirements.

Performance of Windows and Doors

You may have performance requirements for the windows and doors throughout your home that affect the types and glazing you choose. Click here to learn more.

Our security screens are made using innovative technology for maximum effectiveness. Call us in Coffs Harbour today for more information.

Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors can account for half of your home’s heat gain during summer and half of your heat loss during winter.

Security Doors and Screens

Our Coffs Harbour team know that your family’s safety and that of your property and belongings is a paramount consideration.

Our security products are guaranteed for toughness, durability and reliability. Our range of security screens include a variety of styles to complement and enhance the look of your property. If security is important to you, you can’t look past our Stainless View™ or Ali View™ screens.


We manufacture and install aluminium windows and doors at affordable prices. Call us for a free measure and quote.

Visit the Showroom to view the selection guidelines for a range of windows and door styles and configurations to help you style your home. From our cost-effective Essential range, to our premium-quality Signature range, we have windows and doors to meet every need and budget.